Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Year 2009 - Personal RECAP

Every year end, it is the time of evaluation for all the achievements made and all pending missions that are yet to be completed. For the past 5 years, there is a particular subject (or may I say personal mission) that started with so full of hope but too often breaks my spirit, significantly.

My evaluation of year 2009
  • Career : Excellent 
  • Family : Good 
  • Financial : Good 
  • Personal : Average 
  • Health : Average 
  • Relationship : Poor 
Obviously there are 3 areas which need to be improved in the upcoming years. In brief, I am satisfied with the development and achievements made in my career, with my family and over my financial stand.

It has been a challenging year for me although I have chart (or may I say plan-out) in details of what are the key items I wanted to achieve this year. Nonetheless, seeing from the above results, personally I am so puzzled of the bottom 3 key areas.

As an individual, I was hoping for more self development and more exciting stuffs to be participated. Instead, I ended up with very minimal learnt items, less engagement with inner-self and apparently withdrawing myself from the 'scene' quite fast. I used to be a risk taker and likes to try new things. That way, I would continue to challenge myself and built (or shape) my personality and attitude respectively. I realized that my life now is routinely set to be either at office or home, only. I need to quickly make adjustment to include more stuffs apart from these two. Otherwise, by the end of year 2010 I will turn to be a programmed living ROBOT.

I want to blame my dull work-home routine for my average physical performance. From my personal assessment and observation, it is true that when your soul is not properly maintained - it will eat up the physical as well. Although every now-and-then I did take time-off from work, failure to feed the need to engage with other things beside being at home, has affected my health significantly. I sure need to pay closer attention to my health moving forward.

The most devastating assessment is about engagement with other people (a.k.a socializing). Not only I have made myself distanced from other people, apparently it is so hard to get noticed lately. Surprisingly, I have not made even 1 new friend this year. Let alone hoping to find 'the person' or shall I say my other significant half. Lately some have came to me and suggested that maybe the set of criteria I set for any individual to be considered is too difficult. Hence, explains the reason for me not finding the ONE. That is definitely an area worth to be re-visited.

Why is this year-end evaluation so important? 

Personally, I believe every person living have all the rights to all the things we want and we can do. How can a person possibly know what he/she wants and can do if that person have no clue about him/herself?

Some things may breaks your spirit while I am going through this assessment, but I also enjoy all the great feelings and memories while I noted all the achievements made (at least for this year).

What Say You?


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