Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mak Ngah New House

My aunt and family have just moved to a new house after 25 years.

My sisters and I went for a sleep-over at the new house and it was fun knowing that we can now visit them more since they know have a bigger space to entertain guests. 

I have many good childhood memory at the old house. When I was small, every weekend my parents will take me and my brother to my aunt's house, for our weekend sleep-over. Much of my childhood weekend was spent either at her house or 'balik kampung'.

When my family moved to Kuantan, the weekend gateway ended there as well. After we move back to KL, instead of going to my aunt's house, her family have been visiting us almost every weekend- without fail (except when we all 'balik kampung').

I wish to say congratulation on the new house. Now that we (the children) are grown up, it has come a time to change of environment. I understand that this transition has not been easy for her family, but it is indeed a worth waiting decision for my aunt and her family.

Maybe tomorrow I'll drop by to help them to unpack the stuffs.

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