Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wish List - Logic vs Emotion

If there is one thing that I can wish for now (in the presence of a Ginny), top of the list is to have a person who love me and to be loved by me. Perhaps it sounds a bit desperate, but that is somehow true, for my life at this moment.

I now know very well how loneliness kills a person's soul, spirit and motivation, significantly. There can be a long list of personal accomplishment that can make a person's day (or maybe life), but to have no ONE to share them with, makes it the least meaningful.

Amidst the struggle of becoming a great woman, there are so many challenges that I have endured and triumphed. Nevertheless, as I walk down the path I wonder when I can get hold of the comfort feelings of knowing somebody is there with me to share all the joy and tears in the upcoming challenges.

I have recently come across a good advise "Don't Think, Just Feel. Believe!" 

For a person who is perceived to be very factual and rational, emotions and feels seem to be non-existence in my dictionary. Many failed to see my inner-self, which is actually very sensitive and easily moved by feelings. There were instances in my past which has influenced me greatly and has made me to be the person people can see.

Earlier this morning, I was questioned, "Why is it we want to see what we believe...but don't believe what we see?" My easiest explanation would be because human is programmed to perceive things from 2 different perspectives, Logic (brain/mind) and Feelings or Emotion (heart/soul). The question gives 2 verbs which behaves differently to these perspectives. 

Because the WANT is a verb behaving in tendency to feeling, logic could be jeopardize. Hence, the same equations of believing things we see cannot produce the same exact answers.

In conclusion, regardless of how bad I want something - until I resolve my logic vs emotion conflict, I may jeopardize the chance for me to actually get it!

What Say You?


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