Sunday, December 13, 2009

Need to change my WEEKENDS

I met up with a good friend today.

It is a rare occasion for me to actually go out and do something on a weekend. Over this past few years, I hardly do anything else but work. So, technically, my week is only 5-days (effectively). It is hard not to dwell on this issue, now that I am consistently loosing the only 2-days I actually have to MYSELF personally.

After giving it a long thought, I just realized that it has been in 'me' for ages - moving away from a commitment once I have made any significant achievement. It is so easy for me to give my whole-self to something and after all the objectives set for a particular person, place, thing, activity, etc., have been completed, I will keep on moving forward and never look back at all.

This picture was taken sometime this year. It was in front of my last primary school where I completed my standard 6, back in 1994. Since then I have never gone back to the school, even though it was only 3 minutes cycling from my grandmother's house. It took me 15 years before I finally decide to just go and visit the school, for the sake of old memory.

This is only one example of many other commitments I have had prior engagement, of which after I made an accomplishment, I then left. What is the relationship between my old school and my routine of not going out on weekends?

I used to think that weekend is for socializing and having fun with friends. I had superb weekends, almost every week when I left high school, and it continues until I finished my university years. I can say that since I have experienced almost everything all during those weekends, going out becomes no longer interesting to me (at least that was I thought).

However, it is starting to make no sense of not going out and have fun anymore on weekends.I am seriously still single and being alone at home on Saturday & Sunday is so not 'helping' and challenging (making it sound so not ME)!!

Any suggestion for my next weekend (or tomorrow's) activity?

What Say You?


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