Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lets Learn JAPANESE (Lesson 1)

It has been quite sometime for me to use my Japanese language skills. I started learning the language on my own sometime about 10 years ago. I even did Japanese Language as a minor for my degree. There were several instances where I almost (take note here :-p) had the chance to really go to Japan and stay there. 

I fell in love with the country and culture, and like many wise advise - One will learn more about a place and culture either by its food or language.

Perhaps it would be nice if I can share the knowledge about the language with others. Starting from today, I will regularly post basic Japanese language for others to start learning and enjoy the beauty of the language (just like I do). Have fun, ya..!!!

Lesson 1 : Basic Greetings
  • Good Morning: おはようございます。[ohayo gozaimasu]
  • Good Afternoon: こんにちは。[konnichiwa]
  • Good Evening: こんばんは。[konbanwa]
  • Good Night (before sleep): おやすみなさい。[oyasumi nasai]
  • How are you?: おげんきですか。[ogenki desu ka]
  • Please to meet you (1st time greeting): はじめまして。[hajimemashite]
  • I'm sorry/ Excuse me: すみません。[sumimasen]
  • Thank you: ありがとうございます。[arigato gozaimasu]
  • See you again, next time: またあいましょう。[mata aimashou]
  • Good Bye: さよなら。[sayonara]

For a start the above are the most common greetings used. Don't forget to practice (",)

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