Thursday, January 7, 2010

No choice - STUDY please

How fast can a person study a subject that never in life that person have ever learnt? Further to that, how well could a person understand that subject if within a very short period it is expected to produce an analysis of that subject?

I love knowledge. There has been instances where a few of my friends complaint about my obsession of wanting to learn and know about every single subject or topics on earth. *Sigh* I take it as compliment, though. Well, with the exception technical or scientific knowledge, due of the 'slowness' of my brain activity when it comes to those subjects; I can consider myself as a speed learner. 

This past few days I learnt about human resource, from an academic perspective. Admitting that I will need a few more weeks to digest and registered all those that I have just learnt in my brain, it is not an excuse for me not to be able to deliver a report out of the subject.

In the end, it makes me miss studying very much. I guess, this incident serves as a hint and a reminder for me not to go off-track this year. 

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