Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trash collector or Being sentimental?

In the effort of reorganising all of my collectibles and belongings, I now realize the volume of items which are tagged - MINE. Gosh, should I move to my own place I may need to dedicate a special room for all these "treasure"!

My collectibles dated back to 1994 (hmmm...not really sure, actually), but I know there is a medium-sized box currently located at my brother's room (a transformed attic..LOL!!!) containing all my work books from secondary 1 to 5 (high-school). In my own room now, there is a full big locker of notes and writings from my uni' years, and 'zillions' other stuffs which meant the world for me. [BIG NOTE: This excludes novels, books (academic and fictions), all memorabilia purchased whenever I travel.] 

Earlier this evening I managed to find two original transcripts of CERPEN (short stories) which I wrote 10 years ago (ermmm...or maybe 11 years back). Unfortunately the first one is missing a few pages (the last part of the story). I thought of sharing the stories, here. Never mind, perhaps I should give myself a week or two to search for the missing pages.

I often get the weirdest looks and comments from many over this weird habit of mine. (To be honest, guys..I don't give a damn **sorry for the language**). Call me a trash collector, garbage-lady, etc., none of you actually understand the significant of these items to me.

Preferably, I'd labelled myself as being sentimental. All those things recorded my journey and achievements made for the past years. Occasionally, I'd spend time going through all these stuffs (at my own phase) - especially when it is near my birthday. There is a box full of 'ancient' snail mails I received, and a collection of diaries & journals written for a duration of 5 years (I stop writing diary when a few years ago...). Reading all these are entertainment (almost all the time), to me. On top of that, it never fails to serve as a reminder to me - not to loose focus and be thankful of what I have achieved to-date. 

"One must learn from the past to live the present. It's the key to drive one's future"

What Say You?


i used to b a thrash collector, but not anymore. cause i just want to let go d past. and start a new beginning every single day.. =)

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