Saturday, March 27, 2010

Define Open Relationship

Relationship and love are the two most popular themes in the world. It is more than obvious that human cannot be separated from getting involved (a.k.a. be in a relationship and to be in loved).

The most common relationships we usually encounter are i) we-are-friends type, ii) they-are-my-family type, and iii) the-love-of-my-life type. Do you know what is the same or common thing; of all these relationships?

They are mutual and based on love. Love is the essence of any type of relationship.

Relationship is built upon the fact that two individuals are to have mutual understanding and respect between each other. Mutual understanding comes after both have agreed and accepted that they shared the same feelings towards each other.

When a relationship is established, it is not subjected to any specific condition, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. Nevertheless, in order to ensure that a relationship works both individuals are to set certain parameters to define the level of interaction between these two people.

While most people are comfortable of setting the parameter that includes giving an exclusive right ONLY to the person he/she is ‘engaged’ to, we cannot make assumptions that relationship ought to be built with such parameter, only.

There are people who are very much comfortable of setting a different kind of criteria or parameters when it comes to human interaction. OPEN Relationship is an easily understood term, defining relationship in the simplest explanation.

One key factor for the survival of any type of relationship is the ability to feel happy. If a person feels happy by just being him/herself without having to report or/and answer to anyone else, does it means that the person is not entitled to love (and be loved) another person and be in a relationship? Going back to the basic element of a relationship, I personally think - so long that the mutual understanding and respect have been established based on the amount of love both individuals are willing to commit, the parameters set to define the relationship can be relaxed.

If both are well aware and comfortable of giving the trust, space and freedom to each other, by virtue, there is no wrong of declaring to having a commitment in an open relationship.

Note: I prefer to do some ‘window shopping’ in view to my search of a potential future partner. An open relationship could be the only best solution for me, at this time being. That is, if a serious relationship definition is to give a full commitment to ONLY one person.

What Say You?


interesting, relationship should be built on trust. As long as both side believes in each other.. should be no problem

Agreed. However, trust alone is very subjective and are usually questionable to individual. It's a fundamental aspect, but not limited to a person's action/behaviour..especially when it comes to relationship =D

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