Monday, March 29, 2010

Long lost friendship rekindled

Life sometimes can bring us so many surprises.

As much as we usually have to move on, because our destiny changed; one may not have to let go everything when taking the turn.

This weekend turned out to be much a surprise for me, because after more than a decade of almost no communication, I was still very much remembered. My decision to join a small group of friends whom I knew back in school was not easy. With the fact that my 'participation' could have been the 'least' among the group, it was more hesitation than desire when the proposal of joining the reunion being presented.

Somehow my logic gave big motivation despite having doubts if my presence were to be seen as not relevant to the objective of the gathering. How can I forget the faces of those friends (turn to be family) who made my day when I first encounter 'teen-life' very much detached from home? I have to admit that after more than 10 years, I am still struggling to associate names to those faces, but I am only human. My deep apology, friends.

Nevertheless, after a few minutes smiling, chatting and brain could immediately grab the long lost trail (somewhere in the zillions of memory cells). Obviously physical and images have significantly changed over the years, but the lovely personality of these people remain the same (as far as I could remember).

Although we are to not dwell in the past, as we move on - always remember and cherish those selected memories that made you, who you are at present. 

Thank you guys for still remembering me, after more than 14 years I walked out from all of you (",)

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yes.. i can't breath without friend.
huhu.. so sweet.. sy pon baru jumpa kawan yg 10tahun tak jumpa

Mean, meaner, meanest- looooooveeee!!

Nak jugakkkkk

XOXOXOXO muah muah heh heh

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