Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Travel have it's own story

Those who enjoy travelling would agree that as the number of places visited increase, one's perception and knowledge would follow suit. Since small, travelling have been one of many things I enjoy. It's the journey that made me learned so many things about people and life. In short, the experience while one is on the go will further change one's understanding about culture, about people and about one-self.

Most of the times, the journey to reach one's destination seems to be the hardest to endure. Nevertheless, if you start off with positive attitudes, you'll soon find it very much valuable as when you have reach the destination.

One of the most enjoyable travel and holiday experience I have ever had were shared in previous entries (three parts):-

Hopefully, the next travel will provide me with more challenges and excitement (",)

What Say You?


Wow!it so interesting entry....good guide for those are keen on travelling and collect new experience..
Haiya, u are so cute when orang utan kissing u lah...sori my english is not so goodlah...he..he..

PerutBesi dropping by! One of my most memorable trips was also at KK! I enjoyed that trip so much that I would love to go there again! :D

i love to travel too, but just need more money.. =P

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