Friday, March 5, 2010

Why is this person a good boss?

This post is dedicated for a special person. It has been almost a year since I last met with this person. Earlier I just noticed that his birthday is coming up this Sunday (thanks to FB notification), which has prompted me to write this piece.

It is easy to find a person who can be inspirational. But it is not easy to know a person who inspire people. I consider myself very lucky to be given a chance to meet a person, who has somehow influenced, coached (in general) and most importantly still inspires me to keep on moving.

Let me tell a short story about this person and how he inspires me:

I met this person back in 2007, when I first started my actual full time employment. When I first saw this person, I was charmed and amazed. Charmed by the smile and friendliness. Amazed by the way this 'cute' physique speaks. Being a reserved and observant whenever I walk into a new environment, I could not immediately blend in, even though I was assigned to be trained by this person. 

It was not a pleasant journey - working there. It was not an easy task - being a rookie. This person was the first to 'believe' in me (at least that was how I think & feel). From professional perspective, this person had given everything that he could share. Additional to this, I started to feel more welcome to become friends although this person was technically in a management position.  

This person used to be my boss, and hopefully will still remain as a friend to mine. Every time I come to think of this person, I could only remember good things. How could I think or feel otherwise? 

When I felt so nervous being inexperience, you always say something motivational; 
When I felt so neglected, you came and gave me something to do;
When I felt so pressured, you were always there giving directions and lending a hand;
When I felt I need a friend to talk, 'magically' the phone rings with your voice at the other end;
You did very well at switching between "BOSS" and "FRIEND" hats.

I strive to work hard to achieve my goals in career. Personally, I was groomed and built to become a serious person with certain personality traits which can be seen intimidating to some. I used to think that people who don't look serious means he or she take things lightly and does not have high ambition. 

Until I met this person. I learnt how to bend and be more flexible. I learnt to open up and be friendly, even at work. I learnt that to be a good person, one needs to have a good teacher.

Thank you, EZ (Hafez Rahman) for being an inspiration and a friend.

An advanced happy birthday, ex-boss. Till we meet again.

PS. Below is the picture in EZ's social networking profile. I wonder if he is really a boss.. (",)

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Let me tell a short story about this person...

I thought the above is already a short story from my perspective..what is it more, then?

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