Saturday, April 10, 2010

So, I drive a manual transmission car

This year would be my 10th anniversary of officially having a driving license. Although, my first encounter behind the wheel began almost two years prior to the legal age– it was not until I officially obtained my license that I was gifted with the opportunity to have my own car.

I started off with a big car – automatic transmission. Of course, my personal driving lessons & early experience was very much dependant to the availability of my parents’ car. Along the course of 3 years, I had the opportunity to drive several types of cars, 4-WD auto and manual, sport, sedan and compact. I remember my dad always referring me to be ‘gila stereng’ (translation: crazy with steering wheel).

Since I could not afford my own car back then, my first wheel was a second hand Hyundai Scoupe. Why not brand new? I will always remember the reason given by my dad – until you can afford your own, learn how to manage & be responsible of this car. In summary I could only deserve a second hand car. It was my learning car, and I fell in love driving with a manual transmission car since then.

During the learning process, I have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to make sure that I am not only driving the car, but also take responsibility to owning it and keeping it in good condition all the time. Thanks to the green Hyundai, I have learnt a lot about car and driving.

Now I am a proud owner of Bestari 206 (1.4L manual). Besides the location of my resident and office, the fact that I work till late at night have given me with NO CHOICE but to only drive as the mode of commuting between home & office. For those who live in KL, traffic is almost a scary nightmare.

However, I still prefer to drive a manual car. WHY?
  • Cost effective (i.e. cheaper buy price, cheaper fuel consumption, cheaper maintenance cost);
  • Allow me to have full control of the steering, car handling and driving;
  • Continuously practice the coordination and driving skills needed;
  • Gives me better flexibility to allow me switching between different type/size of cars;

and most importantly
  • I can always smile whenever people say this, “Waaa…You drive a manual car!!! Very rare la..we thought girls only drive automatic.” (It’s taken as a compliment, thanks all).

Just a quick question: 
Is it true all girls drive automatic transmission car only?

Credit to PaulTan.Org
Note: If only this car (picture above) is available here. It looks so tempting and beautiful. I found info on how to drive manual transmission car while browsing for information recently (Click here)

What Say You?


Wow..I'm really impressed :D

Thanks for the compliment.

I must say going back to the basic is the best way of continuous learning =D especially when it comes to car & driving!

lol.. i've my driver's license for over a decade now n yet i've not driven at all! :P

since my 1st day i got my license, my parents dont ever give me a change 2 drive d auto gear 1. so, after 1 year n ++ i am still driving the manual gear car. but, my driving skill is poor. dont have confident. huhu

babe, i only drive a manual car since i got a licence. how pity i am, i never have a chance to drive an auto car. my dad's and bro's car are both manual. as my car too.. deep in my heart, i wish i can drive an auto car, perhaps, once in my life. :)

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