Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Malaysian Bloggers are KIND in nature (Thank you BEN Ashaari)

First and foremost, I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to BEN ASHAARI for making his time to view and made a brief review about Reality Check: The Air We Breathe. On top of his visit, he is also the 50th follower of this blog. Congratulations, Ben! I was contemplating to allocate a gift for the lucky follower. Nevertheless, since I could not think of anything better, this entry is dedicated to my 50th follower.

In the entry Ben made of this blog (see Jelajah Blog: Reality Check: The Air We Breathe) there was a question posed by Ben to me, where did I get the name of Makiko Saba? There is only one person who calls me by the name of Maki and he is a very special friend of mine.  Sometime about 8 years ago, while travelling on a very special journey, I met a very special person. He is just a nice & simple Japanese guy who happened to love travelling (see video below of his amazing journey) and learning so much. While getting to know each other, he soon found out about my love and passion to learn the Japanese language and culture. I was also a very big fan of Esumi Makiko, a talented Japanese actress. Hence, the name “Maki-chan” was given to me. We are still friends till now, and he is such an inspiration to me – at a very young age, he has already completed his doctorate and has travelled almost all around the globe. The second part of the pen name “Saba” is actually a re-arrangement of my surname. Thus, I adopted the pen name of Makiko Saba for all my writings.

That was the introduction of my pen name. 
Let’s move on with today’s entry.

Although I started blogging in 2008, it was not until late of last year for me to realize that I need to write more for self-satisfactory. It has been in my blood since I was small to share knowledge and experience with others. When I first got to know GengBlogger (GB), never had I thought of being almost ‘bombarded’ by local talents, sharing the same intention as mine. Of course, being a Malaysian, I love reading stuffs written in Malay – though my entries here are mostly written in English.

Among hundreds of blogs visited, I do noticed one common thing about us (Malaysian) from the writings – KINDNESS. As a Malaysia, there are many values infused within us (some may have not noticed). I would like to relate kindness to BEN ASHAARI, in terms of writing. While many would have soon noticed the amount of entries done by Ben, his approach in entries written is very much soft and somehow ‘consultative’ – an attribute of kindness. Malaysian in general is a caring nation. We have been taught to be thoughtful and considerate of others to ensure harmony of relationships built among us. I have not read all entries by Ben (he has 212 entries in March 2010, alone), but from the selected ones which I have gone through, Ben’s topics and ideas often come hand-in-hand with a piece of advice (or at least something which readers can ponder on for a while).

It takes passion and determination to be able to continuously write like Ben. I believe there are many other bloggers out there who share the same values and would like to be able to do SOMETHING, in view of wanting to make a change. How many would agree with this statement, “We blog because we care.”?

And, if we care hard enough, one day we might be able to touch people with kindness through our writing – just like BEN does.

Credit to the person who gifted me with my pen name - Kein-san (arigatou)

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hi! dini here...

^_^ Ben Ashaari is a good blogger.

yes..we blog beacause we care.. *wink*

huhuhu..huwaaaaa...tqqqq makiko..tqvm...terharu...

sharing is caring.. hehe

Esumi Makiko! I love to watch her..especially in Shomuni! (office lady drama) :D

In one word, Ben is SUPERB!! In 2 words, Ben is HANDSOME & SUPERB. In 3 words....Oh dear...I just can't stop even at 1000 words about Ben....

he's sure is a kind guy ^_^
he did a review on my blog too and i appreciate it very much..

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