Monday, April 5, 2010

Formula 1: A dream comes true (Part II)

I saw one of my favourite persons in this world, Michael Schumacher - see Formula 1: A dream comes true (Part I).

This weekend shall not be forgotten. It was the busiest yet very exciting 2-days weekend I have ever experienced. On top of the tight schedule, the weather and the extremely loud noise - none could dispute the special feelings I had experienced. More than overwhelmed, my mind were briefly deviated from the common things - thanks to the opportunity given. My dream to live the adrenaline rush of watching the favourite sport, the favourite team and the favourite driver have finally came true.

Dream - one can have so many along the course of one's life. Some could be realistic and some could be considered as very difficult or almost impossible to achieve. As a normal human being, I could not run away from having the craziest dreams. Whether you believe it or not, many successes are driven by this first 'magical' word.

A dream is the seed of many greatness or strengths a person could attain, so long that it is then nourished and further developed in order to produce a result. Some prefer to call it VISION, but I rather choose this traditional word- somehow it will keep my foot on the ground while working hard towards achieving it.

When I was younger, the only drive that I used to have was my dream. At that point of time, my understanding of the need over setting objectives, goals and mission before proceeding with developing strategies was almost ZERO; in view to materializing my dreams.

The most exciting part of a travel is not at the destination, but the whole journey towards the destination. Over the years, most knowledge and skills are acquired while I was walking the road, be it on foot or on a jet plane. 90% of the journey will determine how far one could have reach. The remaining 10%, however are determined by the 'luck' or opportunity, so long that one still have hope.

Once upon a time, I dream of going to a Formula 1 Grand Prix race wearing red (supporting my favourite team) and see with my own eyes of the man who inspire me so much - doing what he loves the most. It was a dream, and today it comes true. PERIOD. 

What Say You?


Great!!! I also have the same dream like u. But then, it never come true yet... :(

wow! watching F1 and Schummi life! dat was damn cool! when i was in form 2, my dream was... nope, i would rather say my ambition was to become the best F1 driver the world ever seen! however, when my friend said that those driver starts when they were still in single digit age, i gave up. :P

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