Friday, April 9, 2010

Why am I still single?

Earlier, while ‘blogwalking’ I came across an ‘entry’ titled “Why girls that are single now?” (Gadis Masih Single sekarang…Kenapa?). It has grabbed my attention especially when I found out that the WRITER is fairly at a young age, and yet have the ‘guts’ to actually write about this topic. No offense, ya! However, his good intention is commendable since the entry tried to understand the issue, in a simple approach.

Try browsing my previous entries and you’ll immediately notice that I have been writing about love and relationship quite regularly. These 2 topics are special to me (and I am sure for many of others too) because they are too closely related to our daily life.
  • Often I came across personal blog entries that cherish love or/and relationships – it’s envious to read all those happy stories.
  • Often also, I came across reading blog entries that could trigger hatred, anger or/and sadness over the same topic of love and relationship – these, however, mostly have made my brain to start working (i.e. thinking).
In a nutshell, here is a general observation comment to these types of blog entries: Life is about love and relationship. One should be blessed by the opportunity given to experience both, whether from a positive or a negative perspective.

Going back to the blog entry I read about why girls are still single; some of the reasons given in the entry are valid, among many other reasons that are not stated there. Subject to the person who share the reasons, in real life, there are many more reasons (or even excuses) for the sake of arguments to support the issue.
From a perspective of a single lady, the list could have been further extended. Nevertheless, it is not fair to assume that single girls or ladies prefer to continue being SINGLE, avoiding the presence of any man in her life.

Why am I still single?

Please do not assume that I’m still haunted by my past relationship. My last experience ended about 5 years ago, but my hope to find another one is still going strong;

Please do not assume that a woman with qualification and good career standing is always too ambitious and degrade personal relationship/commitment to second place. My dream has always been to be a successful woman, inclusive of family AND career;

Please do not assume that I am fussy at choosing the MAN, by setting a high standard (i.e. criteria). The standards are the MOST important pre-requisites of a long lasting relationship. I understand clearly of the roles and responsibility to having a commitment of a life-time. It involves the union of two individuals (and two families), building own family, nurturing future generations and keeping all in place to achieve happiness and success;

Please do not assume that this happy smiling face of mine is the reflection of being single – unattached. While I do value the freedom and individual rights bestowed on me, it is a strong faith of mine that woman and man are made for each other, complimenting both individuals.
Somehow, I have not found any potential candidate and there are times where I feel that NO one seems to notice my existence!

Notes: If it is not meant for me, to found my significant other yet, then no matter how hard the search is, I shall not see one. However, I will not stop looking and praying.

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nice blog thk for sharing,
nice to meet u,
wish all the best to u ;-)

Thank makiko 4 your backlink..heee..

i had read your entry..

What a positive thoughts and thinking my dear.... Thank you... and p/s : you are not alone... We will keep on searching and praying until we found "him"... and pls, update me k! hehehehe

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