Thursday, April 8, 2010

Communication & friendship : How to utilize resources we have?

As we move on with life (or in other words, we grow older), many would have to agree that the way we interact with each other changed, significantly. Each of us has to understand and always be prepared to accept the fact that at any turning point, things will no longer be the same.

I have written about the difficulty of finding a true friend (click here). For those who are blessed with good friendship, keeping up with the standard so the friendship remains the same is probably the most challenging thing one could ever experience.
  • Your interactions with your best friend from school are bound to be different when both go separate ways after school finishes.
  • Your conversation with your office colleague will be different when either changes working place.
  • Your commitment to your friend is no longer the same when he/she suddenly change status (e.g. from single to married).

The above are only a few instances where interaction between friends is definitely due for change. However, one should not forego the friendship built just because conditions have changed. I had an interesting and long conversation with a friend whom I have known since I was a kid. Over the years, despite of changing environments, statuses and commitments, we could still manage to keep up with each other. Communication to us is very much the same, still –long conversations, exchanging opinions/advises and shared laughter or sadness.
  • If 10 years ago my friend and I often go to coffee shop and talk for hours, nowadays we could not afford going to coffee shop anymore – we live far away from each other. How do we compensate the coffee shop, then? We talk on the phone, just like when we talk face to face. Thanks to the quality of telecommunication technology & the affordable call rates – verbal communication has not been compromised.
  • If 10 years ago my friend and I need to make special arrangement to hang out for short and casual chat, now we could immediately start a casual chat whenever we are available online. Thanks to the internet technology – no more wait or painstaking arrangement just to say HI to a friend.
  • If 10 years ago my friend and I wrote to each other whenever we are away, nowadays we could just post message through FB or send e-mail. Thanks to online social networking and electronic mailing system, both can immediately communicate and get the message across without the need of waiting.

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In the end, we have to understand the need of communication in order to further strengthen (or at least to keep up with) the friendship among individuals. Knowing the right way of utilizing the resources and technology available is the key to effective communication, especially to ‘aging’ friendship.

Personal note: I had a good 2 1/2 hours talk with a close friend on phone, almost the same feeling and excitement if we are to hang out at our usual spot.

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very true. all the way through reading this, i thought of my best friend whose a thousand miles away right now. I miss her.

very nice post. :)

Great post. You are right that true friendship is hard to come by. We have to treasure our friends and examine the best way to communicate and keep then engaged.

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