Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter I: A new journey begins

I love to dream. Who doesn’t, right?

Dreaming is the start of all great achievements. It is the seed of strong and bushy green trees. One dream, one tree. Many dreams, hopefully I can grow big and healthy forest.

Dream alone will not get you anywhere if there is no effort from oneself. When you plant a seed, it needs water, sunshine, fertilizers, care and love. There are many things in life that one is in control of, but at the same time there are so many others that are not. Some say that you charter your life, so long that you work hard for it.

Well, I came to realize that dreaming keeps me moving, keeps me motivated. However, as much as I am in control of my life, many of my efforts seem to be facing too many challenges. I am not complaining, but merely reminding myself (and others). Ironically, my life (so far) has been like TV drama (or perhaps includes movies) minus the good ending parts.

In continuance of my previous two entries, I hope to share my excitement of finding my way through one of my many dreams. I like to travel and I like to write. I happened to like the adventure of being in love. Those who followed my writing would know about my search of Mr. Right.

Starting from now onwards, I will write about my new journey and its progress. For start let me update my fellow readers –I am now free from corporate obligation (meaning that I am no longer employed). I am planning to travel, hoping to see more places and people and at the same time scouting for the opportunity to find the love again, in my life. There is no time limit this instance and there is no plan of how am I supposed to do it.

The only wish I have is to live my dreams.

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