Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Journey Begins : Countdown started

Late last year, as usual I went into my annual assessment mode. Little that I know back then that I was about to (again) live a life-changing decision. Less than 2 months after 2011 I had handed my resignation letter.

I was about to walk away an almost promising life.

I just came back from visiting my parents. They are my biggest enemy and my best-est friends anyone could ever dream of. In less than a week I will set foot on the most adventurous journey I have ever planned in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to express my biggest gratitude over their overwhelming support they have given me all the way.

For those who have been reading my ramblings in this blog, they would know my biggest struggle with being single and lonely in life. Most of my friends, families and acquaintances had repeatedly said to me that the magical moment of finding the ONE is not something that I can search for. It will come to me naturally – when it is time.

And…being someone who is known to be extremely stubborn, that kind of remark has not affected my belief. At one particular period, perhaps, I was influenced by it. However, I am now back on my feet – determine to explore other possibilities.

Yes, I shall wait for the right person to come into my heart. Nevertheless, I shall not allow myself to be left idle – with no motion; just waiting for Mr. Charming roll over to my feet. Not convinced by everyone else’s words, I – Makiko S, shall embark on a (hopefully) memorable journey of finding love. It is a solo quest, whereby I shall walk on my own – to see new places, to meet new people and to live new experiences.

What appear to be a journey to “find Mr (potential future) Husband”; may also be a journey of self rediscovery. In the past month alone there have been so many life changing event happening all around the world. It saddens me to know that there are so many other possibilities out there which I have yet to explore on my own.

So, countdown begins tomorrow. I have roughly plan a route of this journey and just realized that preparing myself, mentally, financially and physically can be time consuming. Today I have finally gotten the confirmation on one of my travel route. Tomorrow will be the day that I will be extremely busy finalizing everything.

By end of the day tomorrow, I shall have all itinerary finalized.

Till tomorrow, then…

What Say You?


I doa you a safe journey and fufill what you are seeking and searching

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