Thursday, January 19, 2012

Patpong can be fun for ladies too...

Our third day in Bangkok started badly. I was down with stomach ache, thanks to me being too nice and adventurous the evening before. In front of our hotel, there was a convenient store. Usually these kind of stores (like 7-eleven) will definitely have something simple for pain or simple ache. My friend was kind enough to walk across to street to get medicine for me - only to find out that due to language barrier, it was impossible to buy from asking around. However, fortunately there was a pharmacy nearby - and of course since pharmacist should have English education, she managed to obtain a better prescription for my condition.

Whatever medicine prescribed, it was the best I had ever experienced. By late afternoon, I was back on my feet, getting ready to explore a bit more of Thailand. So we hired a tuk tuk and headed to one of the famous areas in Bangkok - especially for men - Patpong.

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