Saturday, January 21, 2012

The right place - everything is within reach

It was our last day in Bangkok. Our flight was scheduled in the afternoon. So with extra time we had plus the advantage of staying in the area that have almost everything for travelers could ever wanted, my friend and I started walking the main road at the Baan Silom area.

We had pretty good breakfast at the hotel before heading out. I was looking for some decorations and souvenirs for people back home. To be honest, most of my cash is already spent on pieces of Thai silk two days earlier. Also, I was planning for cosmetics shopping at the airport later. Hence, my spending capability was pretty much limited.

Morning is the best time to experience some unique features of Bangkok, especially with the locals. With wide pedestrian walkways alongside of the main road, small stalls flourishes in the morning selling pretty much everything, from flowers to food to clothes and

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